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Flat Comic Book Characters

Position: Graphic Designer

My brother in law Came to me in July of 2014 asking if I could paint my nephew a poster for his birthday, loving my neices and nephews so much I said "yeah, sure". Getting Information about what he wanted the orignal concept was a digital painting of Spiderman, Bumble Bee, Donatello, and Handy Manny

After a few weeks in my spare time of doing a digital painting of just spider-man, I needed to find a new approach. While trying to sleep one night the idea of a flat character hit me, the next day I started doing research on the idea and did some sketches

After finishing my first version of spider-man, I went onto Donatello, then I moved onto Bumble bee, I was then going to do Handy Manny, but asked my nephew if there were any other comic book characters he liked, he said Batman, so I changed Handy Manny to batman to keep the consitency of Comic Book Characters

After posting on my Facebook page and asking for feedback, a lot said that spider-man was a little weak, so I made him completely flat and did a second version. Soon after completion I printed them out for my Nephew to hang up.