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Company: Onefire

Position: Junior Front-End Developer / Designer

URL: https://pixelpredictive.com/

NOTE: Site has gone under a minor redesign

Hired by Oktoer Naseim to build a Marketing site for his startup business doing Data Visualization. This presented a challenge to us to bring in aspects of what Oktoer does into the design of his site. SInce he uses data, we decided to keep the site clean, sharp, and very analyical, representing the clean data that he will be working with for his client. The next challenge was working with a Microsoft tool called PowerBi, and being able to cleanly, and effectivly, integrate it into his website. What we ended up doing was using an iFrame for the dashboards he was putting up, and wrapping those in a custom DIV so they would be easily viewable on a smartphone. The client also wanted a video hero section, this presented yet another challenge, how do we show a video that represents data, that isn't super tacky but also gets the point across. After some searching I found a video one blurred lights in traffic. The video was roughly 30 seconds load and eventually cleared up, I took this video shortened it down to a few seconds and created in infinite loop with the traffic lights. The video represents the points of data continuously moving and changing.